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Thermal Print Head Cleaning.

The Thermal Print Head of Barcode Label Printers are often the most expensive part of the printer. Proper care and cleaning should be done often to prolong the life of the thermal print head.

It is strongly recommended that you clean the print head when you load a new roll of media (label roll), or when you notice the print quality declines. If a label or portion of a label gets stuck on the thermal print head, NEVER use any sharp or hard instrument to try and remove the label. 

Thermal Print Head Cleaning Tips.

  1. Switch the printer off and wait until the print head has cooled down
  2. Do not use water on any part of the printer to clean the print head or casing
  3. Do not touch the print head with your hands or sharp objects
  4. Moisten a cloth or cotton swab with Ethyl Alcohol and wipe the thermal print head in one direction only. Rubbing back and forth can cause dirt to get stuck again.
  5. Let the Ethyl Alcohol dry before using the printer again.
  6. If a label has become stuck, gently peel it off with your hands and use Ethyl Alcohol to remove the residue.

Regular cleaning will prolong the life of your print head and ensure clear label prints. For any questions or advice, contact us on 072 155 8210 or


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