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Barcode Scanner Sales – Barcode Scanners and Printers
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Sales directly to the public in South Africa.

Barcode Scanner Sales – Are you in the market for new Barcode Scanners, Printers or Mobile Computer or do you need to upgrade to the latest technology?

We can provide good quality products specifically from the leading manufacturers in the field at the best possible prices. Being a dealer of most of the top brands ensures that we can provide you with the best possible solution for your label printing and barcode scanning needs.

At JNS Technologies we focus only on Barcode Scanners, Barcode Label Printers and Mobile Computer Scanning Devices. With 23 years experience in the industry we have built a sound knowledge of Barcode device sales and repairs.

All the products sold by us come from the official suppliers in South Africa and therefore carry the manufacturers warranties. We DO NOT deal with any grey products.


Barcode Scanner Sales

Available from the following manufacturers: Argox, Cipherlab, Datalogic, Honeywell, Marson, Seuic and Newland.

Barcode Scanner sales Datalogic GM4500

Models range from cheap good quality 1D and 2D cabled scanners, 1D and 2D wireless Bluetooth scanners and rugged scanners for heavy duty and industrial use. In other words, there is a scanner for every application available.

Mobile Computer Sales

We supply mobile computers and portable data terminals from Cipherlab, Datalogic, Honeywell

Datalogic Skorpio X5

These products range from the cheapest, entry level Cipherlab 8001 to sophisticated mobile computers as well as units running Windows CE, WEH or Android. Mobile computers and portable data terminals are ideal for stock taking and asset tracking applications, instead of using paper and pen.

Barcode Label Printer Sales

Bixolon XT5 Label Printer

JNS Technologies can provide the best Barcode Printers for your specific printing needs. All the products available from us are backed and supported by reputable distributors with footprints across South Africa. All warranty and out of warranty repairs are carried out in South Africa.

Thermal Ribbons

Thermal Label Ribbons Barcode Scanner sales

Thermal transfer ribbons are available in Wax, Wax/Resin and Resin. They available for virtually any Barcode and label printer. In addition, the ribbons are available in black, red, green and blue.

When ordering ribbons, supply the width, length and core size and what material is needed (wax, wax/resin or resin).

Repairs of Warranty and out of Warranty products.

In the event that products purchased from us become faulty, they can be sent to our premises for repair. Products that fall within the warranty period will be sent to the official suppliers for repairs. All out of warranty repairs are done by our technical guys at our premises

Popular Barcode Scanner Sales

These are our best selling scanners

Datalogic QW2520 Barcode Scanner sales

Datalogic Quickscan QW2520 General Purpose 12D Scanner with Scan Stand – USB

Cipherlab 1564 Barcode Scanner sales

Cipherlab 1564
General Purpose 2D Bluetooth Scanner

Datalogic QBT2430 Bluetooth 2D Barcode Scanner

Datalogic QBT2430 BT
Cordless 2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Cipherlab 8001 Barcode Scanner sales

Cipherlab 8001 PDT
1D Laser Scanner with Dock, USB Cable and PSU

Popular Label Printer Sales

These are our best selling popular Label Printers

Barcode Printer

Argox OS214Plus
TT/DT Label Printer – USB/Serial/Parallel

Bixolon XD3-40T

Bixolon XD3-40T
TT/DT Label Printer – USB/Serial/Ethernet


TT/DT Label Printer – USB/Serial/Ethernet

Argox iX4-250

Argox iX4-250
TT/DT Label Printer – USB/Serial/Ethernet

Popular Stock Taking Scanner

The Cipherlab 8001 has become the top selling Portable Data Terminal used for Stock Taking, Asset Tracking and many other applications.

Cipherlab 8001

Stock taking barcode scanner are normally called Portable Data Terminals (PDT), Mobile Computers or PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistant). They differ from normal barcode scanners in that they are portable, have memory, a keypad, a display, scanning module and powered by  a battery. Read more on how to use the 8001 for Stock Taking.

Or view more information on the Cipherlab 8001

The software and Drivers for the 8001 are available to download for our clients that have purchased any of the Cipherlab 8000 Series Portable Data Terminals or for customers that have approached us for help with programming the units. Contact if you need help with the programming of the units.