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  • Argox O4-250 Label Desktop Printer

    This new model Barcode and Label Printer from Argox is ideal for low to medium general purpose use. The O4 series offers a user friendly clamshell design that allows users to simply open the cover and easily load thermal ribbon and media. The O4-250 prints at 7 inches per second or 17.78 cm per second.…

  • Thermal Transfer Barcode Label Printer Argox CP-2240

    For more information on the Argox CP-2240 click here

  • Argox OS214 Plus Barcode Printer Review

    This will be our first review on our products which will hopefully help you choose a printer which is reliable and easy to maintain. Price:  R4,640.00 incl vat (Estimated Price) Replacement Print Head (non fitted)Price: R1,293.00 incl vat (Estimated Price) Wax Ribbon 110mm x 91m Price:  R32.00 per roll. View PDF Brochure for full specs…