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Argox OS214 Plus Barcode Printer Review

This will be our first review on our products which will hopefully help you choose a printer which is reliable and easy to maintain.

Price:  R4,640.00 incl vat (Estimated Price)
Replacement Print Head (non fitted)Price: R1,293.00 incl vat (Estimated Price)
Wax Ribbon 110mm x 91m Price:  R32.00 per roll.

View PDF Brochure for full specs


The printer comes with:

  • Windows Driver (Seagull Driver_Argox 7.4.1)
  • Linux Driver
  • Bartender UL
  • Printer Utility
  • Font Utility

Installation of the software and printer is relatively easy and we provide telephonic support if you do have problems. The OS214Plus uses either a USB, Serial or Parallel cable making it versatile.

Loading the label and ribbon is easy and straight forward with a diagram in the top lid showing the paths of ribbon and label.


  • Can be used DT (Direct Thermal) or TT (Thermal Transfer)
  • PPLA and PPLB emulations available
  • 104mm max print width
  • 203 dpi
  • Print Speed 3 ips
  • 512KB DRAM
  • 512KB Flash Rom
  • Supports 1D, 2D, GS1 and QR Codes

Printer is ideal for low volume printing and comes with a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

We give this printer a rating of  [usr 4]