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Reloading Firmware Cipherlab 8001

Reloading firmware on the Cipherlab 8001 is needed after erasing the flash memory explained in a previous article.

We will be loading the file “U8000-v4020.shx” which will take the unit back to its factory default state illustrated in the pic below.

Forge Batch Application Generator

You should have the USB Drivers and the Forge Batch Application Generator installed and properly set up. Instructions for the installation and setup can be found here.

After installing and having the correct virtual com port setup etc. run the Application Generator.

When the application is running select “Transfer” on the top menu.

Under “Transfer” select “Send Program”.

Make sure the Comm Type is set to Cradle-IR and the Comm Port number is correct. Click on the button “Browse” and select the .shx file you want to download.

Click on the file and select “Open”.

Preparing the 8001 for Reloading Firmware

On the Cipherlab 8001 in the Kernel Menu select option 2 (Load Program)
Now select option 1 (Cradle IR)
Now select option 1 (115200 Baud Rate)

The unit will show on the display that you must insert it into the cradle.

When inserted in the cradle click on “OK” – if all your settings are correct the file will download into the 8001.

Once the file has successfully downloaded switch off the 8001 and switch it on again. Press the ‘ESC” when prompted and the Cipherlab 8001 should boot into the default application.

If you have any questions or need help please Contact us.

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