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Cipherlab 8001 Erasing the Flash Memory

Cipherlab 8001 Erasing Flash Memory – There might come a time when you find it necessary to erase the memory. Here is a step by step guide on the procedure and to reload the firmware file.

Three Modes Available

Lets first look at the three modes that can be selected on the Cipherlab 8001.

Application Mode

This is the default mode that the unit enters when it is switched on. The information displayed depends on the application that is loaded in the unit.

Cipherlab 8001 Erasing memory
Default Application Mode

System Mode

To access the System Mode – switch off the unit and while holding the keys 7 and 9 switch the unit on. This will take you to the system mode menu.

There are various settings and tests that can be done from this menu.

Kernel mode

To access the Kernel Mode, where we want to be to erase the memory, Switch the unit off while in the System Mode. Now hold the keys 1 and 7 and switch the unit on. You should now be in the Kernel Mode.

Cipherlab 8001 Erasing Flash Memory

To recap – we need to be in the Kernel Mode to erase the memory.

Process is as follows:

  • When in the Application Mode switch the unit off
  • Hold keys 7 and 9 and switch on. The unit will be in System Mode
  • Switch the unit off
  • Hold keys 1 and 7 and switch on. The unit will be in the Kernel Mode.

When in the Kernel Mode press FN key together with 9. The unit will display “Erasing Flash Memory” followed by dots.

When 8001 Erase Memory is complete it will display “Erase Complete”. Switch the unit off and on again, it will revert to the Kernel Mode and all applications are deleted.

Click here for information on reloading default Firmware.






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