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Honeywell CK65 the industry’s most advanced ultra-rugged mobile computer that’s ready for the toughest DC environments and the broadest range of workflows, the CK65 is designed to maximize worker productivity and minimize Total Cost of Ownership.

CK65, 4GB/32GB Memory, Alphanumeric, EX20 Near/Far Range 2D Area Imager, Camera, SCP, GMS, Disinfectant Ready, Standard Environment,WW Mode

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Honeywell CK65 Handheld Computer

In this environment of ever smaller orders and ever shrinking delivery timeframes, you need ways to improve your inventory accuracy and order cycle time. The Honeywell CK65 is purpose-built to help with those objectives by maximizing worker productivity. The perfect blend of keypad and touchscreen, ergonomics and durability, the Honeywell CK65 is light enough to be used all day yet durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. And with a 7,000 mAh extended smart battery, the CK65 is capable of up to 28 hours of continuous operation, so workers finding themselves with a dead battery in the middle of their shift will be a thing of the past.

Honeywell CK65 Accessories

Accessories – Kit
213-063-001KIT, Protective Rubber Boot for CK65 Computers with EX20 engine (color is orange)
213-064-001KIT, Protective Rubber Boot for CK65 Computers with 6703 or FlexRange engine (color is orange)
213-065-001KIT, 5 self-adhesive glass screen protectors for CK65. Not compatible with CK3X/CK3R, not compatible with Cold Storage version of CK65
Accessories – Cables
236-209-001Cable Assy, USB-A to USB-microB, 1M; used with CN50/CN51 desktop adaptors (851-093-101/201) to PC USB port enabling quick data transfer;use with CK3 series single dock (871-228-001) or vehicle dock USB adaptor cable for activesync(VE011-2016) to PC USB
236-297-001Cable, USB to 18 POS Hirose Pendant (Use with CK3X and CK3R to connect directly to PC USB port (or 203-990-001 wall charger) Intended for stationary desktop use only.)
CBL-015-250-C00Cable, RS232, USB, 5V, CK65, Connects V-DOCK to GRANIT
Accessories – Batteries & Chargers
318-063-001BATTERY, Li-Ion, CK65 One (1) extended rechargeable 7000 mAh smart battery pack. Std temp range.
318-034-034Battery, extended CK65/CK3; one extended 5100mAh lithium battery. Replaces 318-034-033/318-034-023&65292; 318-034-013.
318-063-003Battery, Li-Ion, CK65 NI/ATEX
871-230-101Not for customers in California and Oregon. Quad Battery Charger, CK65/CK3 (AC20)/EDA60K (Requires Power Supply 851-810-002 and country specific AC power cord. Not compatible with battery: 318-046-011)
Accessories – Holders, Holsters, Belts and Straps
203-879-003Pistol Grip kit, CK65/CK3/EDA60K (Field attachable scan handle (replaces the hand strap).Replaces 203-879-001)
815-087-001Holster, CK65/CK3R/CK3X w/o Scan Handle (Holster w/ Belt, supports CK65,CK3R and CK3X without scan handle)
815-088-001Holster, CK65/CK3R/CK3X w/Scan Handle (Holster w/ Belt, supports CK65, CK3R and CK3X with scan handle)
8754-870650-01Ck65 Handstrap Kit, 5 pk
Accessories – Replacement Parts
CN80-STY-5SHKit of five (5) replacement styluses for the CN80 scan handle or the CK65 stylus. Includes tether. (One stylus with tether is included with each CN80 scan handle) Stylus also works with CK65 hand strap
Accessories – Vehicle Docks & Accessories
203-802-001Vehicle Dock Installation Kit (Power Option: For connection of Vehicle Dock directly to vehicle battery. Includes power cables and cable mounting hardware. Alternate to 70/75 Series Vehicle Dock Power Cable.)
203-803-001Vehicle Dock Fuse Block Power Kit RoHS (Provides connection to vehicle fuse block. Requires Power Cable (226-109-003). Order instructions (962-040-004) separately.)
225-737-002Vehicle Dock Cable, Serial (Adapts Vehicle Dock Comm Connector to RS232 Serial (DB9M) for connectivity to serial peripherals. Replaces 225-737-001. Not compatible with SR61TXR scanner.
805-611-001RAM mounting kit. Consists of one 4 ¾” adjustable pivot arm with two 1 ½” stainless steel balls and assembly hardware. Due to wide range of possible applications, this kit doesn’t include hardware for securing mount to vehicle.
871-231-102Vehicle Dock, CK65/CK3 (AV10 ) (Powered vehicle dock, compatible with the SR61B-EX. Requires vehicle mounting kit 805-611-001 and an install kit (see ´Vehicle Dock Accessories´ section below). Option Adapter Cable to RS232 Serial 225-737-002.)
871-236-001Vehicle Holder, CK65/CK3 (No electrical connections. Requires Vehicle Dock mounting kit 805-611-001.)
Accessories – Power Supplies, Adapters and Cords
1-974029-020AC Power Cord, UK RoHS
203-990-001CK65/CK3X/CK3R UNIVERSAL AC ADAPTER KIT, 10W, W/ CABLE (Universal Wall Charger kit (includes wall power supply, changeable plug type, and 236-297-001 pwr/active sync cable). Plugs directly to heel connector. Included in CK3R-Kit configurations) Global Lev
321-502-002AC Power Cord, India/S Africa RoHS
850-815-002Adapter, RS-232 Snap-On (AA21) w/ Kapton (Snap-on adapter for enabling RS232 support from the bottom of the CK3. Must order cables separately. Adapter provides DB9M connector only. (Not compatible with SR61T/EX25).)
850-817-002Adapter, Power Snap-On (AA23) w/ Kapton (Snap-on adapter for enabling charging without a docking solution. Replace 850-817-001. Requires 851-065-x05 AC Wall adapter)
851-061-502AC adapter for 99ex, CK3X, CK65 Desktop Single Dock Charger & Quad Battery Charger. Requires country specific power cord
851-064-416Univ Pwr Supply,12V, 8A,Level VI, AE21. Order country specific power cord separately. Replaces 851-064-316. Available for CK3X, CN51 and CK65
851-065-315Univ Adapter,12VDC 1.35×3.5mm,LVL V,AE23 (Order country specific power cord separately.
851-810-002Univ Adptr w/Bead,12V 3.5×1.4mm, Level VI (AC adapter for Desktop Single Dock & Quad Battery Charger. Requires country specific power cord.)
Accessories – Docks & Chargers
871-228-201Single Dock, CK3 & CK65 (AD20) (Requires Power Supply 851-810-002 and country specific AC power cord. Cable Assy, USB-A to USB-microB 236-209-001. Not compatible with battery:318-046-011.). Replaces 871-228-101.
871-229-201Multidock, Charge Only CK65/CK3 (Requires power supply 851-064-416 and country specific power cord.). Not for US Customers. Replaces 871-229-101.
871-229-202Not for US customers. Ethernet Multi-dock, Standard, accommodates up to four (4) device. Requires global power supply 851-064-416 and country specific AC power cord. Provides extra port allowing for ability to link up to three (3) multidocks.
871-238-012Ethernet Module, Single Dock-FlexDock CK65/CN3/50/51/70/70e/75/75e/CK3R/3X/70/71/75 (replaces 871-238-011)
Accessories – CK65
715-549-002FRECK65 NI or ATEX I/O Cover replacement cap.
851-064-415Univ Pwr Supply,13V,7.7A,Lvl,VI,9006AE02 Replaces 851-064-315
CK65-CB-UVN-0CK65 Chargebase – Kit includes Dock and Power Supply, No Power Cord (not compatible with rubber boot)
CK65-NB-UVN-0CK65 Netbase (Ethernet), Kit includes Dock and Power Supply, No Power Cord (not compatible with rubber boot)
CK65-SCHCK65 Scan handle (Disinfectant Ready), includes stylus
CK65-UCP-NCK65 replacement cup for CK65-CB-UVN-0 or CK65-NB-UVN-0