Barcode Scanners For All Applications

Wireless Barcode Scanner

Wireless or cordless barcode scanners use radio frequency or Bluetooth technology to send scanned data to a dock, cradle or Bluetooth enabled device. The dock or cradle is attached to a computer via USB, Keyboard Wedge or Serial cable. The advantage of a wireless barcode scanner is that it provides freedom to move the scanner to the items to be scanned instead of bringing the items to the scanner saving time and resources. The wireless scanners improve productivity by allowing a longer scan range usually from 10m to 100m depending on the model. Some models include and internal memory which allows users to carry on scanning even when the scanner is out of its range.  Once the scanner connects to its dock or cradle it will send the scanned data.

We also supply Bluetooth scanners that will connect directly to an Android, iPad or iPhone device.

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Typical examples of Wireless Barcode Scanners.

Honeywell-1452G1-150x150 Honeywell 1452g Area Imaging 2D Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner USB. Includes Charge and Communications Base. 3 Year Factory Warranty
Datalogic QM2131 Datalogic Quickscan Mobile QM2131 Linear Imager 433MHz Including Base and USB Cable. 3 Year Warranty
Cipherlab-15001-150x150 Cipherlab 1560 Bluetooth Cordless Linear Imager Incl Base and Cable. Available in KBW, Serial and USB. 1 Year Factory Warranty