Barcode Scanners For All Applications

What you will need to create your own Barcode Labels.

To print your own labels with either text or barcodes or both, you will need the following:

  1. Barcode Label Printer
  2. Barcode Software
  3. Self adhesive labels or tags
  4. Thermal Ribbon if using Thermal Transfer Printer

Barcode Label Printers

There are a variety of label printers available from the leading manufacturers like Argox, Honeywell (Intermec), Datamax, Zebra. Printers are available from Entry level (Low volume) to Industrial Strength (High volume).

We at JNS Technologies aren’t tied down to a specific brand of printer enabling us to offer you the printer to best suite your application.

There are two methods used to print barcode labels namely:

  • Thermal Transfer more commonly known as “TT”
  • Direct Thermal more commonly known as “DT”

Thermal Transfer Method uses an ink ribbon situated between the thermal print head and label. Heat from the print head essentially burns the ink onto the label creating a clear long lasting print.

Direct Thermal Method uses no ribbon but prints directly on the label. The labels have to be thermal paper labels similar to the older fax machine prints. These labels are not long lasting and are easily scuffed and affected by heat and moisture.

Barcode Software

Most barcode printers come with a free version of label design software, drivers and other utilities.

If you need more functionality that what the free versions offer then there are software packages available that can be purchased.

The free versions like Bartender UL which ships with the Argox printers allows you to create labels with text, simple graphics and a barcode. The labels can be saved and used again when desired. The Bartender UL package is normally all that is needed, we have very few clients that have purchased other additional software.


JNS Technologies does not directly deal with label sales but we will depending on your location suggest a company in your area that can supply you with the labels according to your specifications.

Thermal Ribbons

Thermal Transfer ribbons are available from us in different sizes to fit most of the popular printers. There are three types of ribbon available for the different label material. When speaking to your label supplier they will be able to suggest which type of ribbon will be best suited to the label you are purchasing.

Ribbon types are:

  • Wax Ribbon
  • Wax/Resin Ribbon
  • Resin Ribbon.

When you order ribbon from us, please give the following information

  • Length of ribbon
  • Width of ribbon
  • Core size or printer make and model

More information

If you require any further information on the printing of barcode labels or need a quote on printers, don’t hesitate to call or email us.

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