Barcode Scanners For All Applications

Vertical or Presentation Barcode Scanners not Scanning Effectively

If your vertical or presentation scanner is battling to scan smaller barcodes which it once did effectively, it is possibly caused by a dust buildup internally on the optic surfaces.

The laser scanners all use a rotating mirror motor which spins at high speed to distribute the laser light across mirrors to achieve the scan pattern that scans barcodes at different angles. This spinning motor causes air movement inside the scanner enclosure that sucks in dust over time.

The dust settles and coates the highly reflective mirrors causing the beam to loose its “sharpness” and scanning becomes more and more difficult.

This dust also settles on the inside of the scan window which hinders the reflected light from reaching the sensor that reads the barcode inside the enclosure. 

Don’t suffer the frustration of the barcode scanner that battles to scan – bring or send it to our Technical Guy for a thorough cleaning. All covers are washed and the reflective mirrors are cleaned and polished, PC boards are cleaned. The scanner will, after this “Service”, scan all your barcodes aggressively again.