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Rugged 2D Barcode Scanner

Cipherlab 1704 Rugged 2D Barcode Scanner

CipherLab’s handheld 2D scanner enables you to capture more symbologies in nearly any application. For manufacturing, warehouse, logistics, and more, you can depend on the CipherLab 1704 scanner to help save money and increase productivity.

Rugged Value, High Performance LONG-LASTING VALUE We designed the 1704 to give you long-lasting value by making it rugged with a low-cost investment. Built to IP54 specifications and repeatedly drop-tested from 1.8 meters, the 1704 withstands sudden shock, dusty environments, and splashing water. Even in the harsh environments of manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics it keeps delivering high performance for years to come.

The 1704 scanner captures both 2D and 1D barcodes in the same rugged unit. Its high-resolution imager is ideal for damaged or poorly printed barcodes, allowing accurate data capture even when barcodes are scratched and damaged.

With three modes of “good scan” confirmation, the 1704 allows work to proceed, even in dark, noisy or distracting environments. Choose confirmation signals from a bright LED alert, adjustable volume alert, or vibration in the handle. Few other 2D scanners offer such a complete choice of alerts, tailored to the rigors of your workplace.

With the 1704, you can easily enable higher levels of authentication. The 1704’s 1.3 megapixel, high-resolution imager lets you capture signatures for processes requiring a greater degree of authorization or documentation, such as confirmation of a damaged shipment. An option allows capture of documents as large as A4.

Click here to download the Cipherlab 1704 Specification Sheet

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