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How to install the Cipherlab 8001

A short tutorial on how to install the Cipherlab 8001 and 8200 on your computer. This covers the USB kit, the RS232 model is slightly simpler.

Cipherlab 8001

Install the USB Drivers

First download USB Drivers (CP210x_VCP_Windows_v6.7) and install. This will install the USB Driver needed to make the Cipherlab 8001 communicate with your PC via the USB Port. It creates a virtual com port which we will get the number of shortly.

Once the drivers have installed connect the cradle to your pc with the supplied USB Cable, insert the 8001 in the cradle. It is important to make sure that you have power plugged into the cradle as the unit will not communicate without power.

When you connect the USB cable to your PC you will see the normal install message on your screen as the Cipherlab 8001 is installed like any other USB device. 

Once installed and with the cradle connected, go to your Control Panel on your PC and navigate to Device Manager. Now look at the Ports and you will see that a new Virtual Com Port is present. Remember the Virtual Com Port number. You will need to insert the Com Port number in the utilities to enable communication between the 8001 and your PC.

Install the Forge Application Generator

Download the following file and install Forge Application Generator version 2.01(NEW)

Installing this file will add the Forge Batch Application Generator, PDF Users Guide and Utilities to your computer.

The Forge Application Generator program is used to develop or modify the application on the Cipherlab 8001 to suite your needs. An explanation on how this is done will follow in another article. For now we just need to get the scanned data downloaded from the 8001 to your computer.

Under Utilities click and run “Data Read”. This utility will receive the data you have scanned and entered in CSV file format (Comma Separated Values) which can be opened with Excel or imported into many Software Applications. Check with your Software Vendor on how to import this CSV file to your systems.

Data Read Application

The Data Read Application, once opened will look like the image above. In the section “Communication Parameters” select the Interface as Cradle – IR. Input the Virtual Com Port Number you obtained earlier in the field “COM port”.

The rest of the settings can be left as they are or customized at a later stage. You can select a directory where the CSV file will be downloaded to in the lower left corner.

When you have scanned or entered some data into the Cipherlab 8001 you can test the download function. On the Data Read Application click on the “Start” button. The application will now open a smaller box and wait for communication.

On the Cipherlab 8001 main screen select option 2 “Upload”. If all the settings are correct the Data Read Application will download the scanned or entered data successfully and you are ready to start using the 8001.

If you are using the Cipherlab 8200 the process of installing and downloading is the same.

If you have any questions or are struggling with your installation, please contact us.






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