Barcode Scanners For All Applications

Honeywell Laser Barcode Scanner with Scan Stand 1250G

Entry Level Hand Held Laser Barcode Scanner with Scan Stand 1250G Lite and 1250G

voyager1250g3The scanner is optimized for fast scanning of 1D linear Barcodes, including poorly printed or damaged barcodes. The scanner has a depth of field (reading distance from barcode) of 447 mm for a 13 mil barcode and larger barcodes up to 58,4 cm.


The 1250G supports all the popular interface types like:

  • USB (HID Keyboard)
  • Keyboard Wedge
  • Serial (RS232)

The 1250g boasts automatic interface identification, eliminating the time consuming process of scanning programming codes to change the interface.

Scan Stand

The scanner ships with a Scan Stand allowing automatic in-stand detection of barcodes. When in the stand barcodes can be passed in front of the scanner as opposed to holding the scanner.

Honeywell 1250G and 1250G Lite

The scanner comes in two variations namely the 1250g and the 1250g Lite.

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