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Handheld Barcode Scanner

77736159Honeywell Youjie YJ3300 USB entry level laser barcode scanner.
The YJ3300 is an affordable handheld laser barcode scanner and is an alternative to CCD scanners.
Equipped with world-class laser decoding technology, the
YJ3300 can be applied in a variety of environments.The
YJ3300’s pulsing-laser-line switch allows the user to easily
target the desired barcode and complete data transmission
with just the press of a button. This makes the YJ3300 the
optimal choice for menu scanning, point-of-sale, document
processing, and inventory control.
With improved laser scanning technology, the YJ3300 has
a longer working range and a wider scan field than a typical
CCD. The width of the scan line grows as the scanner moves
further away from the bar code.
The ergonomic trigger and handle of the YJ3300 fits
comfortably in any user’s hands and provides easy to use
operation. Additionally, the pulsing-laser-line switch design
decreases the continuous operating time of the laser engine,
thus increasing the time efficiency and reliability of the
scanner. Integrated with a common interface,the YJ3300
ensures fast and easy connections with the host or PC.