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Introduction to the Cipherlab 1600 series of Bluetooth Barcode Scanners.


Pocket-sized Scanner

Designed for healthcare, field sales and service environments, the CipherLab 1600 series brings high flexibility to the workers in the workplace. The Bluetooth® communication and pocket-sized form factor with extreme lightweight unleash workers and allow them to go where the work is and get more done, in more places.

Simple. Powerful. Portable

Smaller and lighter than a mobile phone, the 1600 series can be easily fit in your pocket and carried around for required tasks wherever it takes. The 1600 series is built to meet the needs in healthcare, field sales and field service with strong mobility requirement. Optional Bluetooth® connectivity allows instant data acquisition to a Bluetooth® compatible PDA, laptop, PC or any other Bluetooth®-enabled devices. With a choice of linear imager, laser or 2D imager, your business needs will be met in a wide range of applications.

Maximum Mobility and Durability in Pocket-size

The 1600 series liberates and mobilizes healthcare and field workers with its ultra-portable, light-weight form factor combined with optional Bluetooth® connectivity. Mobile salespeople or field service technicians could combine the 1600 series with a PDA or Smartphone to collect and transmit data via WWAN, ensuring the back-end system is always up-to-date. Furthermore, the pocket-sized IP42 certified device passed the 1.5 m drop test which allows workers to roam freely about their workspaces without worries.

Versatile Symbology Support

With optional linear imager, laser and 2D imager, the 1600 series can sufficiently retrieve 1D barcode data up to 3 mil resolution. Additionally, the 1600 series ensures hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and laboratories are ready to meet the growing adoption of 2D barcodes on the product packaging. CipherLab 1600 series is also ideal for scanning patient identification bracelets and medication labels. It frees healthcare professionals from paperwork, allowing them to provide higher-quality care to patients.

Instant Pairing via Bluetooth

Paired with the CipherLab 3610 Bluetooth transponder, the 1600 series allows real-time data transmission to laptop, computer, or tablet. Having an extended Bluetooth® working range of up to 20 meters gives users more flexibility, caregivers, for example, can scan patients’ wristbands without pushing around a medical cart.

Cipherlab 1600 series models and average price

  1. Cipherlab 1660 CCD Bluetooth Scanner for 1D barcodes R2558
  2. Cipherlab 1662 Laser Bluetooth Scanner for 1D barcodes R4451
  3. Cipherlab 1664 Area Imager Bluetooth Scanner for 2D barcodes R6523
  4. Cipherlab 1600 Series Bluetooth Dongle (Receiver) R769

*Prices indicated include vat and valid for November/December 2016

pdf Cipherlab 1600 series bluetooth barcode scanner datasheet