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Cipherlab 2200 Presentation Scanner

Omnidirectional Scanner for Fast and Reliable Workflow

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Built specifically for the retailing, hospitality and transportation industries, CipherLab 2200 omnidirectional scanning capabilities provide fast and reliable workflow. Its omnidirectional area imaging is coupled with high speed scanning abilities which make operations seamless in environments such as convenience stores, supermarkets, department stores, etc. Along with multiple configurations, users can customize the 2200 series to fit their specific needs. Enjoying a fast and reliable workflow has never been so easy.

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Cipherlab 2200

Cipherlab 2200 2D Presentation Barcode SCanner

Presentation Scanner
Scans: 1D, 2D, QR Codes
Interface Cable: USB
Includes: Stand
Product Brand: Cipherlab
MPN: SYN A2200NBUN0001

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Customer Service Satisfaction and Loyalty to the Max

CipherLab 2200 series is your answer to boost service satisfaction and loyalty. CipherLab has combined affordability and valuable features to provide efficient solutions. This device’s adjustability brings along maximum flexibility for awkward scanning angles. Additionally, the 2200 series gives you the advantages of different configuration modes which allows your staff to reliably scan and read barcodes and RFID while simultaneously update inventory control systems. All the while, empowering you with the ability to deactivate anti-theft systems, relieving your cost and use of additional deactivators. Ultimately, your business will cut down on customer wait time and enhance your customers’ overall experience. CipherLab 2200 series will allow you to fully take advantage of customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty to the max.

CipherLab 2200 Fast Quality Scanning with the Angles Covered

CipherLab 2200 series has an accelerated scan rate of a snappy 120 scans per second. This high-speed scan rate allows reliable scans of 1D, PDF417, and 2D barcodes instantly. No matter if you are scanning an item from a supermarket or paper/mobile boarding pass at a transportation counter, the 2200 series has got your angles covered. Capable of reading low contrast barcodes down to 20% PCS, users can freely scan barcodes that are poorly printed or on reflective surfaces of labels and LCD screens, minimizing customer wait time. Barcodes on dark backgrounds, coupons and loyalty cards, regardless if it’s from mobile phones or not, are all simple reads for CipherLab 2200 series.