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Barcode Scanner not working?

Are you facing the frustration of a barcode scanner that is not working as it should? We will in this article try and give you ideas of what to look for to rectify the problem you are having.

Not scanning barcode. 

If you are pointing the scanner at the barcode and activating the trigger and not getting any audible or visual indication that the barcode has been read it is normally due to a dirty scan lens. Check the scan lens for dirt or smudges. Clean the lens with a soft cloth moistened with some water or mild detergent. If the scan lens is badly scratched or chipped you will need to send the scanner for repair to have the lens changed or polished.

Scanning barcode but nothing appearing on connected device.

If you have scanned the barcode and got the audible and visual indication of a good read but nothing gets transmitted to the PC, POS Terminal or other device then check the following:

  1. Check that the scanner is set to the correct interface (Cable).  Reprogram the scanner using the programming manual to correct interface.
  2. Make sure cables are properly plugged into the scanner and host. If using a USB scanner, unplug from the host and plug back in. Check the condition of the cable and connectors. The cables eventually harden at the scanner side causing the internal wires to break.
  3. If using a keyboard wedge cable check that no pins have been bent or broken off inside the PS2 connectors.

The scanner causes an error on the software running on the host.

Check the suffix and prefix programmed into the scanner. This type of problem is mostly caused by incorrect or missing prefixes or suffixes. Use the programming manual to set the scanner back to factory default then set to the correct interface with a suffix of CR (Carriage Return). This normally sorts out most of the communication problems or errors.

Scanner completely dead.

Here are a couple of guidelines for you to check:

  1. Check condition of cables and pins if applicable, make sure the cable is securely plugged in to the scanner and the host terminal.
  2. If an external Power Supply is required and being used, check that it has an output voltage and is securely plugged into the appropriate receptacle.
  3. If using a USB interface scanner plug the cable into another USB port on the host. It is possible that the USB port is faulty or dead.

If none of the above helps to solve the problem you are having contact us. Our technical department will do its best to have the unit repaired in the shortest time possible. All faulty scanners are to be sent to our premises for repair, we unfortunately do not do any field repairs.