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Barcode Label Printer Service

After many hours of operation a Label Printer accumulates dust and dirt that can be harmful to the Thermal Print Head, Platen Rollers, gears or belts and the Main PC Board. It makes sense to have your barcode label printer serviced after a years operation. 

The service consists of:

  • Stripping the printer for visual inspection of all moving parts etc
  • Cleaning the Thermal Print Head
  • Cleaning the Platten Roller
  • Cleaning all gears, bushes or bearings
  • Cleaning the PCB Boards of dust or other contaminates
  • Washing the covers, metal or plastic
  • Greasing bearings or bushes if applicable
  • Re-assembling the label printer
  • Testing the full operation of the label printer and reporting any worn parts or faults to the client

A full service costs R350 excluding vat and excludes any spares that might be needed.