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List of  Cables and Accessories for the Honeywell Range of Barcode Scanners. When requesting a quote, please supply the part number and description.

Part Number Description
 HON CBL720300C00  1300 Series Cable KBW Coiled (1452,1911) 
 HON CBL120300C00  1300 Series Cable RS232 Coiled 
 HON CBL020300C00 Cable: RS232 (5V signals), black, DB9 Female, 3m (9.8´), coiled, 5V external power with option for host power on pin 9
 HON CBL500500C00  1300 Series Cable USB Coiled 
 HON CBL500300S00    USB Type A 3m straight cable 
 HON 4600526  1300 PSU 
 HON 4220613202E  3800 Series Cable KBW Coiled 
 HON 4220375801E  3800 Series Cable RS232 Straight 
 HON 4220642201E  3800 Series RS232, TTL, EP(2.3M) Cable 
 HON 4220616101E  3800 Series Cable USB Straight 
 HON HFSTAND7E  3800/1300 G Flex Neck Stand Hands Free 
 HON 3800GHOLDERE  3800G Desktop,Wall Mount Holder 
 HON PS0502400D1EU  3800 PSU 
 HON 5353000B  5145/6220/9540 RS232 Cable Coiled 
 HON 5353002B  5145/6220/9540 KBW Cable Coiled 
 HON 4600526  Spare Generic PSU (7220,7120,7320,5145,3780,9540,9590 ) 
 HON 5555235BN3  Eclipse Only USB Cable Straight 
 HON 5353235CN3  9540 USB Cable Straight 
Voyager 1202BT 
  HON BATSCN01 Batt Li-ion Voyager 1202, Xenon 1902, 3820, 3820i, 4820, and 4820i cordless scanners 
 HON PS-051000WC  Power Supply: EU plug, 1.0A @ 5.2 VDC 
Soalris 7820
 HON 4600867  7820 Optical Vertical Window 
 HON 4600868  7820 Flex Pole 6 ” 
 HON 4600869  7820 Flex Pole 3″ 
 HON 5S5S000C3  Series Cable RS232 Straight 
 HON 5S5S002C3  Series Cable KBW Straight 
 HON 5S5S235D3  Series Cable USB Straight 
 HON PS121250WC1E  7820 / 7580 Power Supply