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If you are looking for the power and the performance of a smartphone but are concerned about the typical Enterprise challenges, the Datalogic Memor 10 PDA is the perfect rugged device for you! Memor 10 incorporates the latest smartphone technologies and the user friendly experience of Android™ in a slim and compact design, combined with high performance 1D/2D bar code scanning and industrial robustness for almost any indoor or outdoor environment.

Datalogic Memor 10

Datalogic Memor 10 PDA

Datalogic Memor 10 Smartphone designed for Enterprise. 2D indoor or outdoor. 2GHz, GMS, wireless charging,contactless charging, Dual band, WiFi and 802,11 a/b/g/n/ac/k/r/v , GPS, 13MP Camera, BT v4.2, NFC, LTE advanced/4G+, 5 Inch with Dragontrail, 1.5m drop, IP65, Micro SD Card Slot. Device can be used with Rubber boot and Pistol grip fitted, Camera also works with both on.

DLMB 944350031 Kit includes: Memor 10 with Android 8.1, GSM, Full Touch, WiFi, 2D Imager, Single Slot Dock, Rubber Boot, Pistol Grip and PSU.
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Datalogic Memor 10 Features

  • Ultra-Ergonomic, compact and robust
  • 5 inch capacitive multi-touch HD display with Dragontrail™ hardened glass
  • Android 8.1 (Oreo) with Google Mobile Services (upgradeable to Android 9)
  • Wireless charging eliminates all contacts on the device and cradle
  • Ruggedized with drop resistance to 1.5 m / 5 ft to concrete and IP65 sealing
  • Dual band Wi-Fi including the latest 802.11ac standard and 802.11r/k for fast roaming
  • Full suite of cellular connectivity for voice and data, featuring LTE-Advanced / 4G+
  • Assisted GPS for location based apps
  • Bluetooth v5 short range wireless technology
  • NFC for proximity communications
  • Advanced 2D ultra-slim imager with Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology for visual good-read feedback; Megapixel imager
  • Datalogic’s SoftSpot™ technology for innovative triggering through the touch display
  • Chemical resistant plastics / enclosure designed to withstand daily cleaning with harsh disinfectant solutions

Wireless charging meets swappable battery

The Memor 10 incorporates Datalogic’s industry-first wireless charging system for ultra-reliable contactless charging, thus eliminating the need for cleaning contacts on the device and docks. Moreover, Memor 10 offers a 1-piece swappable battery for the best operational advantage.


The Memor 10 leverages a complete set of embedded wireless technologies for both indoor and outdoor applications: dual band Wi-Fi including the latest 802.11ac standard, Bluetooth® v5 with BLE for fast and ultra-low power connections, NFC for easy pairing, and particularly the cellular area voice and data connectivity, already leveraging the next generation of LTEAdvanced/4G+

Datalogic Memor 10 Accessories

DLMB 94ACC0201Memor 10 Attachable Pistol Grip (Requires Rubber Boot 94ACC0193)
DLMB 94ACC0193Memor 10 Rubber Boot
DLMB 94ACC0191Memor 10 Standard Battery
DLMB 94ACC0195Holster for Memor 10, contains the belt clip.
DLMB 94ACC0192CHARGER, 4 SLOT BATTERY, Memor 10, Black Color (requires power supply 94ACC0197 and power cord to be purchased separately)
DLMB 94ACC259Screen Protector 5pc
DLMB 94ACC0196POWER SUPPLY, USB-C, MEMOR 10 (includes 4 regional plugs)
DLMB 94ACC0197POWER SUPPLY, DOCKS & CHARGERS, MEMOR 10 (power line cord to be purchased separately)
94A150095DOCK, SINGLE SLOT, MEMOR 10 requires 94ACC0197 power supply + pwr line cord
DLMB 94ACC0259Memor 10 Screen Protectors, Anti-Fingerprint, Transparent Border (5 pcs)